Wednesday, January 3, 2018

twin study

starting at the age of 10, ella and zoe became part of a twin study group
at the university of minnesota --

on our first visit we spent a full day on campus --
and had to laugh when we saw this 'graffiti'.
college humor is pretty similar to elementary school humor :)

everyone was so welcoming, and the welcome signs were fun
and made us feel kind of special :)

after completing individual cognitive tests as well as physical exams,
they fed the girls pizza, soda and cookies -- total score!!

after lunch we went to another part of the campus where the girls
had full MRIs done -- 

for dinner that night we hung out in dinky town, where tom lived while he went to the U.  we had dinner and crazy good cookies at 'insomnia cookies' to wrap up a unique and fun day -- lots of highlights, but the girls each got paid for their time, which was really cool :)

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