Sunday, August 27, 2017

family fun night ~

only one photo means it was a
really, really, REALLY  fun family fun night!!

Pet Store ~

To Har Mar Pet Store,
Thank you for being a place we can love on some adorable puppies!!
your friends,
Ella, Zoe and their Mom

skinny skiing ~

Como Park, we love you for so many reasons ...
and Skinny Skiing in the Winter is one of them!!!

Friday, August 25, 2017

RIP Sweet Rosie ~

such a sad day -- she lived her full life and just got to the point where she was ready to move on.

so heartbreaking though saying goodbye to her -- 

RIP sweet rosie -- you brought so much love and smiles
into our lives.
we love you little buddy --

New Year's Eve --

we rang in 2017 with grama dianne, lots of great food (made by the girls),
a star walk by the lake, night time droid flying and glitter bombs --
oh yeah, 2017 -- bring it ON!!!!

a birthday for two bunnies ~

Happy Birthday .....

Ruby Blue ....
.... and Stormy Rose!!!

The two sweetest and best bunnies EVER!!!
You had birthday crowns, birthday songs and bunny birthday treats --

You both are SO loved and such special members of our family!!

You two make us laugh and smile and just feel good when we hold you -- 

And you make us laugh too -- a lot!!
Our hearts are extra full because of you two --