Monday, November 24, 2014

pierced ears ~

summer of 2014 ended with the girls getting their
EARS PIERCED with grama dianne!!

what a special treat!

ella went first .....

the support team supported.....

marking the ears ....

getting ready ....

and getting them done -- both at the same time!!

newly pierced almost 3rd grader, ella marie!!

going second made for a long wait and time to think ....
the anticipation was a little hard but zoe was DETERMINED!

and got the job .....


"yes it hurt, but totally worth it" --
said the newly pierced, almost third grader zoe dianne!!

oh yeah, we did it!!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

rosey and speedy

just a little hamster fun -- they are so darling.
but super fast and not into being cuddled for too long.

the girls are patiently training them though and building
the amount of time they can hold them before they wiggle free.

they're also working on letting them dress them in clothes.
so far only hats have worked, for about 3.5 seconds.
 : )

Saturday, September 13, 2014

summer highlights ~

we had a fun and full summer -- lots of time 
at grama's house including a special overnight
with friends bella, evelyn and berkis .....

the girls had a lemonade stand .....

and had a very special customer .......

grama dianne in disguise!!

they also participated in the summer gymnastics program,

that included time after class for the girls (who have known
each other since they were in early childhood family education)
to play, and the moms (who have also known each other that
long) to talk -- and drink wine.  LOVE indeed : )

we went to comicon and were greated by a very large

hagrid .....

we spent time at como zoo and were entertained as always

by the antics of the gorillas ......

the girls also got their faces painted at como town

(special treat) .....

we visited tom's youngest sister mary on her birthday .....

and ella won a bunch of MEAT at the meat raffle!!!

thanks, gary, for buying the girls the winning ticket!!

the girls and tom climbed lots of trees .....

after a week of VBS grama and auntie jen attended the

girls' simple and sweet performance --
songs and rootbeer floats.

girl time with auntie jen meant manicures .....

and pedicures too ......

and even though this is not a thrilling photo -- i finally
made a bunch of frozen crockpot recipes to get on a better
track for dinners during the school year.  yay me!!

friends, hotdogs, smores, swimming, jumping on the

trampoline ...... 

frogs and toads made the list too .....

so did participating in the summer read library program.

the girls read and wrote about so many books they read,
this was one of my favorite drawings zoe did.  

they also won a drawing at the dentist office and these

sweet baby lambs and the mama lamb were the prizes.

more toads .....

and even MORE toads!!

summer of 2014 included a lot of playing in the backyard,

transforming areas into magical lands and using imaginations,
with a few props from nature ......

the girls went swimming with friends at the pool ......

and went swimming at the lake too .....

they played in parks and got even faster and stronger 
on the monkey bars .....

we went to an outdoor movie night and saw the
movie FROZEN (so much fun) ......

and went to our city's parade -- and hung out with 
a lot of friends!!

we even saw the marching band i was in when i was in
high school -- yay buffalo bison!!

more trips to como town .....

going with kaelin was extra fun : )

and we even had a GARAGE SALE!!!!
which i can now totally cross off my list of things to do.
(a lot of fun but oh so much work)

we took grama on the zipline!!!

we visited the giraffes too ....

and the gorillas as well .....

we roasted more hotdogs with grama and truly enjoyed
every moment we were able to spend with her ....

we wrapped up summer going to the Science Museum

of Minnesota, hands-on learning at it's best!!

we went to the omni show about dinosaurs too ......

the night before i went back to work we had dinner
with our buds, bella and evelyn -- to say goodbye to
summer with ice-cream at connie's creamy cone.

thank you summer of 2014 -- you were a good one!!