Thursday, April 19, 2012

today they are SIX ~

I wrote this post to celebrate Ella and Zoe's 4th Birthday, and two years later I feel the same way.  So I thought I'd share it again -- until I have some time to catch up on my 'ohmygoodnesstheyaresixyearsoldnow' thoughts ....

  So for now, Happy Happy Birthday to my two little pals that just keep making my life extra exciting, extra fun and always an adventure!!  Your Daddy and I love you both very, very much.

Twinkle Toes . . .

. . . and a Clown's Round Nose,
You Make My Dreams Come True.

Big Girl Bikes,

Ballet Class

and Kites . . .
. . . My Life Shines More Brightly, Because of You Two.

Butterfly Wings and Fairy Rings.
Princesses . . .
. . . Kings, and Sweet Voices That Sing.

Picnics in the Grass.

Swings on the Swing.

Walks in the Woods . . .
. . . and Garden Green Beans.

Drawing and Writing,

Library Books.
Friendships ~ Family Time.

You're Even Good Cooks!!

Kittens . . .

. . . and Rainbows.

Giggles and Laughs.

Funny-Faced Girls,
With Hair that has Curls.

Catching Frogs.

Sand Castles on the Beach.
Corn Storms, Thunderstorms ~
Even Stinky Feet!

Looking at the Stars,
Learning Every Day.
My Heart is Singing -- Life is So Okay!!

I Look at You Two,

Your Light is Brighter than the Sun.

You Make Me Smile,
You Make EVERYTHING Extra Fun : )

You Open Each Door,
And Welcome Each Day --

You are FOUR Years Old! Wow!!
Happy, Happy Birthday!
And Many Many More!!!!

Love You Both So Much,

updated SIX year old picture:

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

easter stuff ~

easter eggs were dyed ....

easter baskets were full of fun goodies .....

and silly treats too ....

family time was extra special ....

and extra silly, too ....

the easter egg hunt has ALWAYS been a good time ....

and having the youngest cousins spend time in the 'doghouse' made all of us laugh!

sack races have ALWAYS been a big easter hit too ....

especially when grama joins in the fun ....

the kids' table looked so festive ....

bunny ears included ....

the food was delicious .....

and the sheep cake was so cute!!

so even though we had a great day,  a really great day, grampa was missed a lot -- by all of us.  our first holiday without him.  everything felt strange, a bit off.

i keep telling zoe and ella that even though our hearts hurt a lot because we really miss grampa, that's actually a really good thing -- when we love big we miss big.  we loved grampa a lot so we miss him a lot too.

and even though tom and i had to cancel dinner plans friday night to celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary because ella was sick; and even though ella and i missed out on celebrating easter on saturday with the rupprechts because she still wasn't feeling well, tom and zoe still had a really nice time seeing grandma della, two of tom's brothers and their families; and even though tom missed out on celebrating easter with the mclains on sunday because he wasn't feeling great; and even though zoe missed school yesterday because she woke up super early in morning not feeling well; and even though there is a big hole in our family now with dad gone -- our easter weekend was a really nice one.  it was good to see family and just have time together.

.... and our anniversary dinner rain check?  can't wait ....