Tuesday, August 22, 2017

the election ....

bunny love ~

halloween 2016 --

MEA at grama's --

any time we can spend at grama's house, with drama, is a lot of fun --
seriously, best grama ever -- 
teaching her ballet, going for walks in the woods or going out for dinner at perkins -- 
it's the simple things that can be so meaningful :)

the other best kind of dog .....

..... auntie jen's sweet penny lou!!!

the best kind of dog ....

..... is our neighbor's dog!!!
we love sweet roen -- what a cutie :)

kindergarten and 5th grade --

i need to stop blinking .....

apple orchard --

police dogs, corn maze, apple shooting, climbing towers,
petting animals and of course, apple picking --
we heart the apple orchard!!