Sunday, May 8, 2016

One more fair and one more cabin picture:

really really like this photo ~

really, really like this photo too ~

county fair ~

I love our tradition of going to the County Fair with Grama Dianne -- and it's even more special when schedules work and the 5 youngest grandkids can all go together .....

Any time with Grama Dianne is a FUN time!!

I love how much fun they have together.  Especially when animal poop on the shoes is involved :)

These photos make me happy :)

Back at Grama's there was even time for a lemonade stand.
Connor and Zoe got things going .....

Time at the cabin was the best way to end a super fun few days!!!

orchestra camp ~

Last August the girls were in orchestra camp through their school.  Their finale was a concert on the big stage at the high school.  I loved how comfortable Ella was on stage  (middle row third kid in, with sparkly purple headband), chatting it up with a friend between songs.  We had a little talk later about maybe keeping the chatting to before and after stage time -- which she agreed.  I also had the same talk with Zoe.  She pretty talked the ear off of the boy who sat next to her -- Ha!  

     Ella, Zoe and best old buddy Bella ~
    (friends since they were 18 months old)

Practice before the concert ~
lots of instruments to tune!!

Zoe (second to back row, standing with her cello).

RIP Speedy

it was so sad when sweet speedy died.  it seemed unexpected to us
but it was her time.  we had just gotten home from the 4th of july
parade when we noticed she was slowing down and within an hour
she had died.  it was really hard for our whole family.  the girls both wanted to hold her, and grama helped find a small box and blanket for her.  we brought her home and buried her under some pine trees in our backyard.  so RIP sweet speedy -- you were an amazing little hamster and we loved you very much.  it still trips me out when i think about how you let the girls hold you and carry you around -- little robos don't usually act that way, but you did.  you were one-of-a kind, very very special.  and missed every day.