Monday, April 7, 2014

county fair [last summer]

girls weekend with my bestie-like-a-sister-friend, berkis --
her sweet daughters (like nieces to me), bella and evelyn and 
my dolly girls, ella and zoe ......  love these five SO much!!

road-trip to buffalo included a day at the county fair with
grama dianne, her bestie, gisella (like an auntie to me), and
gisella's sweet granddaughters.  FUN times!!

grama and the girls (we did miss cousins brenna, lauren,
connor and uncle luke, our county fair regulars -- scheduling
gets tougher as the kids get older).

we fed the animals.

felt the wool.

watched the shows.

smiled for the cameras.  (love this shot, btw)

petted more animals.

posed for more photos, even though the cows were kind
of stinky for evelyn's preference : )

the horses are always a hit. 

riding the ponies is always fun too.

zoe's pony even smiled for the photo!

it wouldn't be a day at the fair without riding on the camel, too.

the marines were impressed by zoe and ella's
upper body strength ......

i was impressed that berkis did a pull-up too ...

we all were impressed and LOVED that grama dianne
did a pull-up as well!!

part two coming soon .....