Wednesday, July 23, 2014


eggs ......

ears, and baskets from the bunny ........

first year also where the girls questioned
if the easter bunny is real ..........

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

birthday party ~

birthday party #8 was back at 'pump it up' --
girl style pajama party ....

that included lots of girls .....

lots of sliding .....
 lots of games .....
 and even tattoos ......

auntie jen and grama dianne also joined us --
but kept their pajamas at home : )

birthday girl Zoe Dianne ~

Birthday Girl Ella Marie ~

super sweet friends ~

cupcake time for zoe ~

cupcake time for ella ~

fun gifts ~

my super fun sister ~

and back home we celebrated more with
auntie jen and grama dianne .....

special gift from grama -- new american girl dolls!!

turning EIGHT turned into a FUN few days!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

birthday morning ~

ella and her birthday muffin,
with EIGHT brightly lit candles ~

zoe with her birthday muffin,
and EIGHT brightly lit candles ~

speedy and rosie, the birthday hamsters ~

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Eight IS Great!!

the celebrating for birthday #8 began two days before
the girls' actual birthday, and started with rainbow sprinkled
chocolate eclairs that ella .....
and zoe ......
brought in to school to share with their 2nd grade classmates.
they were a special, fun treat and tasted so, so, SO good!!

the next day the girls didn't have school (teacher workshop)
but i did, so tom stayed home with the girls.  before i headed
home i stopped by the pet store and bought two of
THE CUTEST EVER baby dwarf hamsters, as an early
birthday surprise.

surprised they were and it was so much fun :)
the hamsters are really so, so, SO cute .....
..... and the girls were so, so, SO happy .....
(and kind of in shock too- ha!)

birthday #8 started out great!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

more teeth ~

no teeth or big teeth -- the look of 2nd graders!!
and at the request of zoe's orthodontist, both girls
needed to have 2 teeth each, taken out.

they were excited before we got to the dentist office ....

and a little apprehensive once they sat in the chair -- 
though the laughing gas helped a lot .......

it was a bigger ordeal than we thought it was going to be,
but they were both troopers and did really well.  but were
glad when it was over with ......

the girls have long roots on their baby teeth!

numb faces lasted a while and the big holes took some
getting used to ......

tooth fairy notes were extra special, and included little 
rest area and hot tub for the fairy to enjoy ......