Sunday, August 28, 2016

Birthday Party ~

Getting Ready ....

Friends Arrive....

Ice-Cream Cake Time ....

Party Games ......

The Aftermath .....
Morning Games ....

... and Breakfast for the Birthday Celebrators!!! 

*disclaimer:  slumber parties are not for the weak of heart*

!0 Year Old Birthday Day ~

And now they are TEN!!

Sweet Ella .....
.... and Sweet Zoe!!

I love these two with every fiber of my being.
What a gift to be their Mom ~

And later that night ....
Bunkbeds for the 10 year olds!!
What a fun surprise, and way to end their Birthday Day!

Birthdays, what a perfect reason to celebrate!!!

10 Year Old Photo Shoot ~

A few years ago I read an article about celebrating preemies
and highlighting their incredible growth.
The photos in the article showed each child
holding a photo of when they were a preemie.

I loved that idea and kept it in the back of my mind,
knowing at some point I wanted to do that with the girls too.

Because turning TEN is such a big milestone
I thought this would be the perfect year.
I didn't plan it out very well though
and had to rush after ballet class one day,
before it started to rain.

But I love how the photos turned out AND what they represent.
Preemie Power that grew into Girl Power!!

.... and in a flash they were TEN!!!

Ballet ~

The Fairy Ballet (November 2015) ~
Zoe and Ella were Fairy Sprites ~

Spring Ballet Recital (May 2016) ~
This year the girls danced to 'Do You Believe in Magic?',
and did a beautiful job!!

Another recital in the books!!!