Friday, April 23, 2010

Part Two: The Birthday Party

The party really was a blast. This was the first year that Ella and Zoe invited friends, as well as their cousins who are close in age. Everyone was able to make it -- and from the smiles and laughter, everyone seemed to have a fun time too!

The party started in a private room where the kids decorated their frog headbands, we had cake and ice-cream and opened the presents.

*Making Birthday Crowns and Frog Headbands*

*The Cupcakes*

*Ella Blowing Out Her Candles*
When it was cake time Ella couldn't find her crown so she wore this hat instead, which was truly so fitting for her : )

*Zoe Blowing Out Her Candles*

*The Birthday Girls Eating Cake and Ice-Cream*

*Opening Gifts*
I have to say, Zoe and Ella received THE NICEST presents from everyone!! I was somewhat blown away by the generosity and choices people made, it was very, very nice.

Then the party moved into the main indoor space, where the kids had a little time to check things out, pose for a group shot . . .

. . . and watch the puppet show
about animals in the spring.

Because it was an unbelievably warm day for mid-April in Minnesota, we went on a nature walk down to the pond (led by Teacher Carol, who is a naturalist) . . .

. . . and walked over the pond on a boardwalk!!

We saw lots of ducks, geese, snails and dragonflies and heard the ducks, geese, squirrels and other birds too -- and NO ONE fell into the pond!!

After the walk the kids had time to explore some more in the exhibit area before it was time to say goodbye and thank-you, and hand out the wildflower seeds and magnifying glasses.

Once home I had to give Zoe an extra hug . . .

. . . and Ella too . . .

. . . and just spend some time snuggling with my two almost 4-year olds!!


Annie said...

I love it!!!! Definitely it was an unique and original birthday party. I've never seen one like that. So jealous because that place looks really great.

The pics are wonderful. The picture of the girls and you is priceless, so beautiful.

Happy Friday

PS: I send something to the girls please, let me know when they received it thank you.

Taylor said...

Looks like it was a fabulous party!! So glad they had so much fun with everyone. I love the cakes and cupcakes! So cute!

Jenna said...

They are just so adorable. I can't believe they're four! I remember hearing the exciting news that you were pregnant and it feels like a few months ago! :)

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Hi! I see your comments frequently on Multiples and More, and I just stopped by to check out your blog. I love the frog cakes and cupcakes...those are too cute. And the picture of your girls from behind, looking over the pond, is precious. Happy birthday to your girlies!


Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Catching up...
You did a great job with the party! You really know how to have a party.
I love the pictures of your sweet birthday girl - love their cute outfits. Your girls are precious!