Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cousin Elise (Kevin too) and Como Zoo

Last Friday we met my niece Elise and her boyfriend Kevin at the zoo.
We didn't hang out in the animal area for too long but we did see the lions and tigers get fed and watched a giraffe up close eat some leaves. Then we headed over the the ride part of the zoo -- Como Town!

The girls rode their favorite ride
~ The Frog Hopper ~
for the first time this season.

They loved it as much as they did last year : )

They also rode on the train for the first time this season,
and loved that too!

They really wanted to see more animals (especially the primates), they really wanted to go on more rides (lots more rides), they really wanted to eat more treats (lots more treats) and they really wanted to ride on the carousel (they really really really wanted to ride on the carousel) -- but we agreed we'd do all that on our next visit, with their Dad.

So we did had a super time hanging out with Elise and Kevin,

and we look forward to our next trip! It's so awesome to have such an amazing zoo nearly in our backyard!!


Annie said...

What a fun day!!

My girls took a ride on a hooper when we went to the kindergarten activities of my nephew. They like except, when my sister started screamed. Can you believe that?

Take care and have a wonderful weekend with family.

Sam said...

Hi Jeremi! Your girls seem to have lotta fun. Zoo is one of my favourite place for a weekend as it is always so lively!

Hey, I have awarded you with two awards in a row!! Check it out on my blog! You deserve them richly!

Gr. Dianne said...

Hi, I would like to try the frog hopper on a trip to the zoo with you all. Grama Dianne

Gr. Dianne said...

Hi, I want to ride the froggie hopper the next time we go to the zoo with you.

Gr. Dianne said...

Hi, thought I would write one more time to keep this pattern going. I really con't know why both comments were added BUT--what I said, is true. I DO want to try the froggy hopper.

Jeremi said...

mom, you crack me up : ) is GR some sort of doctor??

beingzaraandzidan said...

wow! The girls sure did have a great day. fun fun fun!
Zara is also fond of animals & loves visiting the zoo.
Great pics!

Taylor said...

They are so adorable in those glasses and hats!

Heather said...

Looks like the girls had a blast! I am always amazed at their cuteness!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

So much fun! Looks like a great time!