Thursday, January 20, 2011

YouTube: Mosquito Burrito

This winter has been a long one, and it isn't even the end of January yet.  We have a ton of snow, but it's really fluffy on the top and really hard on the bottom, so building anything hasn't been happening, and it's even hard to slide or walk around in it.

So we've been daydreaming of warmer weather -- and even of those pesky mosquitoes we see a lot of in Minnesota, when we see a lot of green, rather than white.  This song always makes us laugh, and then I hear 'play it again' over and over again ....  which I've been doing a lot of lately : )


Missy said...

Too cute!

Catherine Anne said...

Loved catching up. The girls in their pjs are so cute. Oh and all that snow! WOW~ So I gave instructions in a message under your message on my blog. Hope that helps. Great to hear from you.

reanbean said...

We've got the same kind of snow here. About three feet, maybe more of it, piled all up around the house. The kids want to play in it, but there's just not much we can do with it. And now with single digit temps, there's just no way we're going back out there any time soon. Oh, spring? Where are you, spring?