Sunday, June 5, 2011

butterfly release party ~

The butterflies in Zoe and Ella's preschool class did not emerge from their cocoons by graduation night, so their teachers asked if we would bring them home and release them once they were ready.  Of course we said yes --- what an honor!!

So home they went with our family --- four dark little cocoons hanging from the top of their butterfly habitat.  Two days after graduation all four of the butterflies, taking turns so we could enjoy the process for each one, nibbled their way through their chyrsalis' and by the end of the weekend four beautiful painted lady butterflies were drinking sugar water off of daisies and the juice from freshly cut oranges.  They were also talked to quite a lot, carried around (in their habitat), sang to and even watched a few dance performances .....

Because of cold and rainy weather we kept them in their safe habitat for a couple of days, but by day four the weather was nice and the butterflies were ready to really try out their wings.

We decided to invite a handful of classmates over for the release, and had so much fun getting ready for the party.  

Ella, Zoe and I made butterfly-shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and yummy butterfly cupcakes:

Ella drew a butterfly to give to each friend as a parting gift:

I cut out rainbow-colored butterfly headbands and Zoe helped glue the wings and antennae on:

Both girls spent a lot of time decorating a 'Welcome' box:

Before the guests arrived Ella and Zoe decorated their butterfly headbands, chose their butterfly colors and I painted their faces:

It was SUCH a fun afternoon!  While I painted faces (mostly butterflies, a few cats ....) the party girls decorated their butterfly headbands (and a couple of cat ears), blew bubbles, went swinging, played in the tree house, watercolor painted seashells, went frog hunting, found a frog (that I'm sure wasn't too thrilled about being at the party .....), drank lemonade and had their butterfly snack.

Then it was time to release the butterflies, and let me say, those butterflies did not disappoint.  They were the most well-behaved butterflies I have ever spent time with!  They each took turns flying out of the habitat, they each flew around a little, and then they each flew right back to the girls!!

I was able to get a photo of each classmate holding a butterfly on her finger!  It was so awesome, and so much fun!!

Butterflies holding butterflies --- We all loved it!!!


Missy said...

Absolutely adorable!!!
I heart your little butterflies. Butterflies are a huge favorite around here too.

Jeremi, I hate I have been delayed on getting back to you but to answer your question, yes, that is his only sibling. Sad but we had too for our safety and sanity.
Thank you for your kind words. <3

Andrea said...

You have to be the most awesome Mom ever! This looks like a blast! Love it!!

Catherine Anne said...

This looks like so much fun! The girls are really growing. Beautiful! Hope all is well!

Joe and Jane said...

Super fun!! We just ordered some caterpillars for our "insect" week this summer. Love all the stuff you did to make it extra special for the girls!

Jenna said...

That looks like such a great party. I wish I had been able to attend!! :)

Annie said...

Wow, you made a great butterfly party. Love their happy faces.

beingzaraandzidan said...

how adorable they look. butterflies are Zara's favourite too. Will definitely show her these pics. shes gonna be happy. Good job Jeremi. Keep it up!

ButterflyRelease said...

Such beautiful creations! I love this party with gorgeous butterfly releases. Thanks for sharing such a funny blog.