Thursday, July 14, 2011

como town

I am pathetically behind on blogging, but a few weeks ago we went to Como Town for the first time this season (so fun).  This year we purchased summer passes (so smart) and since we've gone at least once a week those passes have already paid themselves off (yay)!!  It's been great, we can go for a few rides or stay for a few hours; we can walk around the zoo or walk through the conservatory too.  The girls would be thrilled if we stopped by every day : )

First Ride of the 2011 Summer Season -- The Giant Swing:
*when did their legs get so long?*

Second Ride of the 2011 Summer Season -- The Frog Hopper:

First Summer of 2011 Train Ride:
*Ella is NOT picking her nose, she wanted me to make sure I added that -- ha!*

First Time Putting out the Fires:

Driving School 2011:

First Crash of the Season:

First Time EVER getting Faces Painted (it was free that day):

First Tea Cup Ride:

First Aladdin Ride:

The girls also went over to the Como Zoo and Como Town with my mom the other day (so sweet of her -- she took the girls on a 4 hour adventure so I could work on school stuff at home).  These pics are blurry (I transferred them from my mom's facebook page), but I thought they were fun.

.... With Grama they didn't buy cotton candy (she had them pose by the cotton candy and pretend like they were sad) .....

..... but they did ride on the much-loved Frog Hopper (I love how happy they look and I think it's funny how happy the kind of creepy boy next them looks) .....  AND they had ice-cream dots for a snack!!

They also went to their favorite restaurant for dinner, Snuffy's (lucky lucky girls) and even after spending hours of fun with their Grama, they didn't want her to leave.  They actually cried for her when I put them to bed that night.

Best Grama EVER!!

Grama Dianne, we love you.  And we love Como Town too!! (from Zoe and Ella)


Annie said...

What a great place to have lots of fun. Love to see their happy faces.

PS: I send you an email.

Grama Dianne said...

---and their Grama Dianne had a great time, too....and she also loves Zoe and Ella and glad she can spend time with them.

Joe and Jane said...

What fun! They look like they've been have great times there! We should meet up with you one morning there (just not this upcoming sweltering week)!