Saturday, May 12, 2012

April 28th 2012 ~ The Birthday Party

birthday cake --- check.

birthday girls with their birthday cake --- check.

gift bags ready --- check.

zoe having a complete and total BLAST  --- check.

ella having a complete and total BLAST  --- check.

mom's enjoying the party (but wishing there had been cocktails) --- check.

cute kids in one of the few photos taken during the 'jumping, sliding, running around' part of the party (my action shots didn't turn out) --- check.

fuzzy close-up of the birthday girls --- check.

 getting ready to sing 'happy birthday' to the birthday girls --- check.

ella with her orange-flowered cupcake --- check.

zoe with her purple-flowered cupcake --- check.

kids enjoying the rainbow-colored cake (and LOTS of food coloring) --- check.

another photo of the cake (6 layers total for the 6-year olds) --- check.

auntie jen and uncle luke --- check.

grama dianne and godsarah --- check.

the birthday girls getting ready to open gifts --- check.

gift highlight -- super big undies from grama dianne --- check.

back home, taking in all of the amazingly generous gifts, including super cute home-sewn bags that were used as hats --- check.

one more silly shot before bed --- check.

super fun birthday, super fun birthday party --- check.
hello year SIX, you are off to a great start!!


Annie said...

cute rainbow party. love their smiles. God bless them.

Happy Mother's Day dear friend!!!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

That cake is impressive - did you make it?!

Love that they had such a fun birthday :-)

Joe and Jane said...

What a cake! And the undies are hilarious!! Glad they had such a great time.

Cheryl Lage said...

Jeremi, can scarcely believe they are SIX!?!?

Gorgeous the both of them, and what an AMAZING cake!

Love the glimpse in to the fun! :)