Thursday, September 5, 2013

butterfly release ~

the day before my dad's birthday we attended a
butterfly release that honored special people in our lives
who had died the past year.  the butterflies we
received were newly hatched from northern minnesota and
gently wrapped in individual envelopes.  after a few people
spoke everyone let their butterflies go -- it was so
beautiful and so touching.  our butterfly flew up and around
but kept coming back to us, and was one of the last
butterflies to fly high and leave the area.
it was really awesome and touching.

i really feel dad was with us during that time.

jack, kevin, elise, zoe, mom and ella.

the girls and grama opening our envelope and
getting our first peak at our butterfly.

our butterfly flying high .....

...... and coming back to take a break right by where
ella and zoe were .....

kevin was the first to hold the butterfly.

then it was ella's turn.

and grama's turn.

back to kevin.

then zoe's turn .....

'what the caterpillar calls the end of life,
the master calls a butterfly.'  (richard bach)


Miss 2nd Grade said...

Your posts always bring a tear to my eye.

Annie said...

sweet moment for all of you.