Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Eight IS Great!!

the celebrating for birthday #8 began two days before
the girls' actual birthday, and started with rainbow sprinkled
chocolate eclairs that ella .....
and zoe ......
brought in to school to share with their 2nd grade classmates.
they were a special, fun treat and tasted so, so, SO good!!

the next day the girls didn't have school (teacher workshop)
but i did, so tom stayed home with the girls.  before i headed
home i stopped by the pet store and bought two of
THE CUTEST EVER baby dwarf hamsters, as an early
birthday surprise.

surprised they were and it was so much fun :)
the hamsters are really so, so, SO cute .....
..... and the girls were so, so, SO happy .....
(and kind of in shock too- ha!)

birthday #8 started out great!!!


Cheryl Lage said...

Happy Happy Eight to them! EIGHT?!?! I can scarcely believe how the time is flying.

What a fun, fun gift....

Kudos to you all on 8 years!

Annie said...

Our girls are growing so fast. Yummy treat for school.