Sunday, September 20, 2015

last day of third grade!!!!!

how did this happen?!!  really.
another school year has wrapped up -- but these two are still as
goofy as ever.  yes they make me smile :)

and this lady -- she made third grade a dream come true.  
i can't even put into words how much we love her and
how grateful we are for her.  she's a mom of her own 4 kids
and a teacher who is still a teacher way after school hours.
she was just what the girls' needed and beautifully combined
teaching with making connections -- teaching with nurturing -- 
teaching with having fun while learning.  zoe and ella did not
want the school year to end -- that's how much they loved 
spending their days in mrs. barth's classroom!! :)

and this photos just cracks me up -- best photo-bomb ever!!

after school fun with friends included some photos, some hoops,
and some park, frisbee golf and game fun too .....

yay for a an amazing third grade!!
yay for great friends and the start of a super fun summer!!!

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