Saturday, August 27, 2016


First day of FOURTH grade -- however that happened .....

.... and now Evelyn is in KINDERGARTEN, too!!!  
how did that happen?!!

Hello, Miss Goski!!  We knew it was going to be an amazing year when we first met you ....
and it turned into an even MORE than amazing year!!
Perfect teacher for these two 4th graders :)

Playground fun ~

Basketball fun ~

Picking up a class pet with Miss Goski:
Welcome to 4th grade, Pepper and Fuzzy Potter!!

Silly time at Family Night ....

.... and at lessons the day after, with mustaches still intact!!

Bringing Rosie in to meet the class ~

Practicing before the Winter Concert at SPMA ~
Flat Stanley Fun during Spring Break ~

Meeting new cousin baby Veronica, during Spring Break ....

.... and regular Spring Break Fun with Gabby, during Spring Break!!

Book Talk #2 for Zoe:  'Bindi Behind the Scenes' -- she also
did another INCREDIBLE job -- so very proud of her, too!! 
Reading Buddies:  Ella with Misha ....

.... and Zoe with Natalie. 

Book Talk #3 for Zoe:  'Serafina and the Black Cloak' ....

.... and Book Talk #3 for Ella:  'I Funny' -- they both nailed their talks, their presentation AND their posters!!   

and a sister moment Tom caught after book talks:

Spring Orchestra Concert:

Bike or Walk to School Event ~

Spelling Spell-Off, last two standing:  Ella and Seneca.

Spelling Stand-Off:  Last one standing -- ELLA!!!

4th Grade Bones Test Study Helper ....

.... and Field Day Fun!!

Field Trip to the Mississippi River on the Padelford River Boat:

Variety Show 2016 ~ Zoe played 'Desperado' on her cello, and Ella played 'Hedwigs Theme' on her violin.  They both played beautifully and nailed their pieces :)

4th Grade Spring Concert:

And then this happened -- last day of 4th grade.
WOW!!!  I mean really, WOW!!!
Thanks so much for everything, Miss Goski --
You made 4th grade even better than we hoped it would be!!
The best teacher for the best school year :)
Stay tuned ....  5th grade is right around the corner!!!!

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