Monday, September 5, 2016

Ballet Competitions ~

Last spring the girls participated in their first ballet competitions.
I had mixed feelings about having them compete, but it turned into
really great experiences for all of us!

The girls from our studio danced beautifully and looked beautiful --
they all were dressed in classy, age-appropriate costumes
with classy, age-appropriate make-up.  They were respectful and supportive
of each other and the other dancers, they had fun and their hard work paid off!

Ella, Isabella and Zoe performed their 'Yellow Submarine' dance and scored GOLD!
They also danced 'Do You Believe in Magic' with a group from their regular class --
For this dance they scored HIGH GOLD and ranked #8 for their age-group.
Very exciting!!

Later in the spring the three girls performed their 'Yellow Submarine' trio again -- 
This time they scored Elite High Gold and were first place in their category.
They also won the 'Terrific Teamwork" award from the judges -- what an honor!!

After such an early morning Ella and Zoe went over to Bella's house and Berkis mad them a 'Breakfast of the Champions', and they had time to play for a while.  FUN times :)

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Congrats to them, and to you!