Monday, January 2, 2017

Meet the Teacher -- Grade FIVE!!

okay, first things first -- grade FIVE!!  WHAAAT???!!
and second -- this is totally going to be another amazing
school year for the girls.

meet mr. hausman ....
ella and zoe's 5th grade teacher.

the teacher we've only heard extremely positive things about -- 
from other kids who have had him, from other parents whose kids have had him, from other teachers at falcon heights and from other teachers from st. paul that know him because his wife is a 4th grade teacher at a st. paul school .....

he's taught 5th grade for years, so he knows his stuff.
he's a dad of three girls, so he really knows his stuff.

he was welcoming and kind and is really easy to talk with.
so our first 'meet and greet' went really well!!
he also has a student teacher for the fall, mrs. prosser,
who seems equally kind and approachable, too.

so even though it's hard for me to picture zoe and ella
as the 'older kids' at falcon heights, they are!!
and they're ready and excited to get the year going ......
we really can't ask for anything more than that!!
yay 5th grade!!!

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