Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cooking Our Way Through the Alphabet

Aa is for Apple Crisp

Bb is for Banana Bread
(We forgot the flour, Grama Dianne's Banana Bread is much better!)

Cc is for COOKIES!!

Dd is for Drumsticks

Ee is for Elephant Ears

Ff is for Fudge

Gg is for Gingerbread

Hh is for Honeybee Cookies (yum, yum)
Ii is for ICE-CREAM SANDWICHES (previous post),
and Jj will be coming up soon!!

1 comment:

Joe and Jane said...

Those hats are too cute!! We're working our way through the book as well! Jia is now however fixated on making a chocolate cake with jelly beans, sprinkles, M&Ms and more (from a photo she saw). Someday...maybe when you guys pay us a visit!