Tuesday, March 24, 2009

An Entomologist and a Puppeteer

Yesterday morning Tom took Ella and Zoe to a class at their school all about BUGS.  Zoe held a Madagascar Cockroach, a millipede and a TARANTULA!!  She was the first kid to volunteer to hold any of the bugs and loved it all.  Tom said she was the littlest one there and the only one not squirmish or afraid -- a few of the bigger boys actually only held the bugs because she did!!

Ella was more reserved but did hold the millipede, which she calls the MILLIPEDE SNAKE.  She told me the millipede moved it's head away from her and she said "I'm all done, Thank You' and then it wrapped itself around her finger : )  When I asked if she held the spider her response was a simple 'Oh no'.  I can't say I blame her on that one.

It just makes me smile thinking about the three of them having that time together (Ella, Zoe and Tom, -- not Ella, Zoe and the millipede).  

Zoe holding the Madagascar Cockroach

Zoe holding the millipede

Ella holding the millipede

Zoe holding the tarantula
(I think Grama Dianne almost had another heart attack after seeing this photo)

Ella preferred the puppets : )


~jd said...

was Bruce the Bug Guy the one who brought all the bugs? we've had him at library events before...with those same bugs (which makes me think he was there too :) very awesome photos!

Anonymous said...

I am with Ella... eesh to the bugs!

They are SO cute. I cannot wait to see them in person!