Monday, February 22, 2010

Buffalo Vacation

Ella and Zoe spent the weekend at my parent's house in Buffalo.
They called it their 'vacation' and had their suitcase packed
hours before they left.

They had a SUPER time, but who wouldn't when there were milkshakes for lunch . . .

. . . a cookie picnic snack in bed after their nap . . .

. . . and more ice-cream for dessert!!

Plus, they had all sorts of playtime with Grama Dianne,
Grampa Lindy AND Annie Dog!
Good Times!!

I love how much they love spending time with their grandparents : )
And I really appreciate the extra time Tom and I get when the girls are with my parents -- thanks Mom and Dad!!

(Had to include this photo -- Grampa was telling them a story and for some reason the looks on their faces really makes me laugh)


Grama Dianne said...

We enjoyed our time with the girls and look forward to their next "vacation." It's true, the Rupprecht car/family left the drive way and I poured a glass of merlot...I forgot how much energy little ones (and a dog and a grampa) take. But we do love having them here:)

Annie said...

Awesome, looks like they had a great time with grandparents.

I think they were very alert to the story. Fabulous picture.

Yeah, for a time just for Tom and you.

Taylor said...

I see why they like it so much! Glad you got some time to yourselves.

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Grandma and Grandpa's house is so much fun! It looks they had an awesome time!!! I love the last picture of them!