Wednesday, May 5, 2010

'Say What Wednesday' and 'Way Back When-esday'

Here are some more Ella and Zoe'isms (playing along with Missy at

*Zoe was picking her nose and I called her on it -- she said she was 'just doing her homework'.
*Ella was having an off night and needed a time out to re-group -- she said, 'I am not feeling like myself.'

*Ella told me, 'After ballet I'll be in my office.'. I asked what she does in her office and she said 'I blow balloons.'
*Zoe very excitedly told me 'Mommy, Dad used all his nuts to decorate the snowman!'.

*Both girls told me they didn't like mashed potatoes (can not imagine), but Zoe said, 'I love the gravy'.

*Ella still yearns for speech class just to be for her. One morning she told me 'Mama, when I grow up I will have my own speech class'.

*The girls had been rather bossy towards each other and I asked if they acted bossy at school. Zoe said 'no, just our teachers do.'

*We were visiting Grama and Grampa and Grampa fell asleep on the sofa. Zoe looked at him and said 'Mama, Grampa looks just like Arlene!' (our very-much-loved 'grandma' neighbor).

*Ella's stomach groaned and she said, 'I feel like my stomach needs a snack.'.

*Ella told me she wanted me to do her hair like Ms. Zachari (their ballet teacher). Zoe said she wanted hers to look like mine (so sweet, I have a lot of issues with my hair).

*'I'll be okay with my sister'. (Ella)
*'I'll be okay with my sister'. (Zoe)
*'I love you Zoe'. (Ella)
*I love you Ella.' (Zoe)

*After looking at wedding photos of Tom and me (from 15 years ago) Ella said, 'Dad looks the way he doesn't look and you look the same.'

*After looking at wedding photos of Tom and me Zoe said, 'You're still married?'

*Our wedding anniversary brought about many discussions. I told the girls I hoped if they decided to get married some day they would find someone who treated them really well, that they had a lot of fun with and who made them laugh --just like I found when I met their daddy. Ella told me she was going to marry Grampa Lindy and Zoe didn't miss a beat, she told me she was going to marry Grama Dianne : )

*Ella was in a little trouble and after our talk she told me, 'it's okay -- it's just part of life.'.
*Ella was in a little trouble and said 'Live and Learn!'.
*Zoe was in a little trouble and said 'Ella did it.'.

*Ella, out of the blue, 'Oww. My crown just hurt me.'.

*Ella told me she was going to be a baby-maker when she grows up.
*Zoe said she was going to be just like Paige (their babysitter).

*We were running around in the backyard and I commented on how fast daddy was, that he can run as fast as a horse. Ella said 'No, dad is a donkey.'.

*We were talking about how different people are different sizes and Zoe said, 'Dad is not a little guy'.

*On their 4th birthday morning Ella woke up and said 'but I don't feel four!'.

*While shopping at the Dollar Store I told the girls to look carefully at the different items and see what catches their eye. Ella found a mermaid and very excitedly told me ' This catches my mind!'.

*Shortly after the Dollar Store shopping trip Ella said, 'Oww. My mermaid just poked me.'.

*When we have music playing Ella and Zoe are adamant that I don't sing along with (which so reminds me of when I was little and my mom would sing), but while driving in the car I started to sing a song myself and the girls really enjoyed it. Zoe told me 'You're a good singer'. You should do a show.'.

*Ella and Zoe were playing 'Mommy' and Ella told Zoe she was pregnant with triplets. Zoe told me, 'she's going to be a busy mama!'.

*After seeing a man who was completely bald Zoe said, 'we are all bald under our hair.'.

*Zoe was wearing her yellow dress and told me 'I am a sunbeam for Jesus'.
*Ella said her prayers one night and ended with 'God Bless my Grama Dianne.'

Playing along with Cheryl (at

Ella and Zoe at their One Year Birthday Party ~ April 19th 2007
They still love their chairs, though they desperately need to be washed. And they still have pink hightops, though they are a few sizes bigger : )


Apple said...

I love reading your blog Ella and Zoe always make me smile, they are so funny!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Thank you for playing along! Wow, how did your remember all of those. Your cuties are so funny! I love all of their Say Whats?!?!
And precious WBW photo

Taylor said...

They always say the cutest things! I just love those pink chairs and high tops!!

Annie said...

They are adorable. They also said the greatest things.

Beautiful picture for WBW.

Cheryl Lage said...

Jeremi, I am SOOO glad you documented all the hilarious things those little darlings have said! WAY adorable...they'll get such a huge kick out of it later! ;)

They could not be any cuter...LOVE the WBW image...thank you so much for playing along!

Anonymous said...

Sorry if it's rude of me to ask, but what problems to your hair do you have?

Jeremi said...

Hey Missy, LOL!! I would NEVER remember a thing if I didn't jot myself notes and then do a post once my list is quite long : )

Anon, I have very fine hair so it doesn't hold a style well, without a ton of hairspray : ) Who are you?

Jenna said...

This post brought back some great memories.
I remember wanting hair just like yours when I was in kindergarten. I remember wearing a flowered dress (just like the ones you always wore) and saying that I was Ms. McLain.
I went to your wedding reception and there's some great pictures of my dad and me dancing. :)
Your girls are so funny. I love their random comments.

Jeremi said...

Jenna, you were a sweetie in Kindergarten and you still are!! Your comments just make me smile -- thank you!!