Monday, May 2, 2011

Birthday Part Three: The Birthday Day

Zoe and Ella woke up VERY excited on the day of their birthday.  They liked saying it was their birthday, but that they weren't 'officially' five yet (that would happen after dinner).

Zoe asked to blow out her five candles on her birthday muffin first, even though Ella is two minutes older than she is:

Then it was Ella's turn:

Once the girls had breakfast, were dressed and ready (and their dad was up and ready), it was time for our family gifts.  Ella colored a Hello Kitty picture and wrote a birthday message for Zoe, and gave her some new play dough tubes.  Zoe colored a Hello Kitty picture and wrote a birthday message for Ella, and gave her a new stamp set:

Tom and I gave the girls a few little gifts;  a couple of new books, some fairy window clings and pink cowgirl hats (that they love love LOVE):

But our big family gift, from Tom, me and my parents .....

.... is a 15 foot trampoline for our backyard!!

It's still in the box but Zoe and Ella can't wait until it's set up and we can all jump on it.

That night we had our neighbor Grama Arlene and her daughter Diane (tutu-maker extraordinaire), over for a birthday dinner of well-done homemade pizza, cupcakes, and more candles to blow out.

So far FIVE has been a really great year!!


Andrea said...

What a GRAND day! Love the cowboy hats! Too cute!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Love those cute hats!
They are going to love that trampoline no doubt!

Annie said...

Their hats are so cute.Love how they look with them.

Angela said...

Awww! I can't believe they are five! I love the cool candles and the hats. But most of all how you had the girls give each other presents and notes! Very sweet!

Taylor said...

Happy Birthday Girls!! Look like you had lots of fun with them on their birthday too! I had a blast with the prep. Love the rainbow theme. They are getting so big, it's been wonderful to watch them grow over the last year or two!!