Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Backyard Camping Adventure

We did it -- we went camping!!

We started in our backyard.
First we set up our tent.  The girls helped while Hopper the Bunny made her escape (see previous post).

Then the girls created art using items they found in nature.

Ella's favorite piece was her camping robot with a feather from nature.

Zoe's favorite was a colorful design, and she also added a feather from nature.

We roasted hot dogs for dinner and the girls  took their roasting jobs VERY seriously : )

Dinner was fun, picnic style ....

....but roasting marshmallows with grandma Arlene was even more fun, especially when Arlene burnt her marshmallow because she was talking so much : )  They especially thought this was SO funny because it happened right after I told the girls they had to really keep an eye on their marshmallows so they wouldn't burn.

They also thought it was REALLY funny that my marshmallow slid off my roasting stick right after that, and landed in a gooey mess on the patio .....

They even asked if I'd take a close-up picture of it:

Eating the smores was another highlight.  I love 'little girl smores faces' even more than I love eating smores (and their messy art faces also always make me smile) ....

After baths in the pool and story time outside ....

.... I put the tent in the girls' bedroom for the night.  After a few more stories I tucked them both in their sleeping bags, which were nice and cozy, and in their tent.

When I checked on them before I went to sleep they were both sound asleep, each in their own beds, which is where they slept for the entire night.  They definitely are my daughters, I prefer a soft bed over the floor and a sleeping bag too  : )


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

What fun! I always burn my marshmallows for smores - that's how I like them! They look so cute in the tent ;-)

The boys are getting their trampoline sooner than expected - the inlaws decided to buy it as a combination bday gift for all 3. It's supposed to show up tomorrow between 9-1. They're pretty excited.

CityHouseStudio said...

This is so cute, Jeremi!
And I think it's hilarious that they ended up in their beds!

Joe and Jane said...

Too funny that they ended up in their own beds! Yeah, I prefer that way too.

We tried camping outside the other night but there was far too much lightning, so we packed up. We'll have to try it again soon! Glad you had a good camp-out and camp-in!