Wednesday, August 17, 2011


These were taken last spring and I forgot to post them.

So glad Cheryl at twinfatuation does 'Way Back Whens-day'!!

We just love Ms. Zachari so much.
The girls have taken ballet with her since they were three and in her Baby Ballet class.  In a few weeks they start Kinder-Ballet and are super excited.  I am too : )


Sadia said...

Thanks for posting these. What cutie pies!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

They look so cute!

Cheryl Lage said...

OH what dear pictures of your litttle ballet babies! Those braids are to die for...our She-Twin is JUST getting ready to embark on dance, so your two's enthusiasm brings a big smile!

SO glad you played along with Way Back When-esday...and that you all are doing so well!

Taylor said...

Love how adorable they are in their outfits!!

Mama Hen said...

Oh goodness is that cute! It is wonderful that they love dancing so much. I did also when I was little. I still do. Thank you so much for the lovely cards the girls made for my daughter. We went to the post office today and my daughter was so happy when she opened it. She kept looking at the pictures in the car saying I love these pictures. I asked her if she would like to write back to the girls and she said yes. Perhaps they can be pen pals. Thank you! Have a great night!

Mama Hen

Annie said...

Beautiful ballerinas!!