Monday, September 12, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten ~

Ella and Zoe have had three days of Kindergarten (today will be Day Four).  They LOVE it.  I am so thankful and so happy, happy, happy.  

Even though we were running late, a few quick First Day of Kindergarten Pics were priority ('First Day Dresses' by Des and Pete -- thanks again, love you guys!).

They couldn't wait to get to school and were so excited Tom and I could both bring them on their first day (we were too).

Because we were late (just a few minutes), the girls got down to business right away.
Ella chose the salad for lunch (cracked me up) .....

Zoe chose chicken nuggets ....

And then they started their big day, and Tom and I left for ours.

It was VERY weird for me, thinking of them throughout the day, all the things they were doing that I wasn't a part of.  But because of their amazing teacher and how great their school is, I had no feelings of worry or concern.  Plus, just thinking about all the fun adventures they have to look forward to is THE BEST!!

I have so many thoughts about all of these new changes but because of my new changes (that are completely overwhelming right now) I don't have a lot of time.  But bottom line, Zoe and Ella had a great first day and the start of their Kindergarten year has been super.  They were very tired by the time they got home (their first day of being in school all day AND a little time at Friendship Connection after school), but they also had their first ballet class of the season too.  By the time we got home it was after 7pm and I'm pretty sure they were both asleep before I shut their bedroom door : )

Listening to their stories about the day has been very amusing and interesting.  Their teacher has a couple of boys that are 'spitfires', according to the girls (ha).  One apparently was sent out of the room 3x (not sure if this was an exaggeration but they both shared the info so I'm thinking it happened), but he did NOT have to go to the principal's office.  We talked a little about it but I didn't want to make too big of a deal out of it so I tried to keep it short.  To end our conversation Ella said, 'he'll learn' and Zoe said 'it is his job'.  I almost died.  Love those two.

It's also very interesting and entertaining to hear their different perspectives about the same situations, and to see how they pretty much keep each other in line.  To Ella, being told she needs to be quiet means ALL DAY she can't talk, but fortunately Zoe reminded her that was only during Learning and Listening Times, and when Ella couldn't remember where the bathroom pass is kept Zoe told her it was because she wasn't listening.  But then when Zoe tried to act like she ate her nachos meat and it was too spicy (and that the teaching assistant even agreed), Ella told her it was not spicy and that Zoe saying it was meant she didn't even try it.  Oh to be a twin and have your best friend in class with you all day long .....

The sweetness of these two being together always makes me smile too.  Zoe told Ella she can see her during nap time and that makes her happy.  Ella said she'd look on Monday for Zoe.  They both told me they sit across from each other at lunch so they can chat but sit right next to each other on the alphabet rug, and they like that.  And when Zoe cried at Friendship Connection Ella held her hand until her teacher helped Zoe feel better.  

I also LOVE how confident the girls are getting, but are still polite and respectful.  One of the 'spitfires' tried to get Zoe to hit someone and she told him no, she wouldn't do that -- then turned away from him and played with other friends.  When a little girl made a mad face at Ella, Ella told Tom she just smiled at her anyways, then kept making her art.  Later they played together and had fun.  And when another one of the spitfires scribbled on someone's paper and said Zoe did it, she very concisely said she did not, that she saw him do it and told the teacher.  These are BIG deals to me.  So reassuring and so good to hear.  Now, I wish there weren't any spitfires in the girls' class, but at this point I'm not concerned because I know they are in the best of hands with Mrs. Olson, Mrs. Joyer and that their principal, Mr. Charest, knows what he's doing too.

Two other funnies that made Tom and me laugh:
*On Friday morning I told the girls they had music class that day.  Ella was SO excited and told me she always wanted to go to music class.  Then she paused, thought for a second and said 'but I thought we need to go to Kindergarten again.'.
*Tom did the girls' hair yesterday and it turned out quite cute.  I made a comment about what a great job he did with their hair.  Zoe gave me a big smile and nodded her head, Ella said 'he IS a man.' and Zoe said 'yes he is'.  I'm glad they got that straight.

As for me, I'm in trouble.  Now that I'm working full-time Tom I are sharing more of the household responsibilities (which is great).  However, my housekeeper (Tom) and I don't agree with when our floors need to be vacuumed or what clean really means.  There really is a difference between 'boy clean' and 'girl clean'.  It's all about baby steps I guess, letting go, prioritizing ..... Right?

On the school front for me, I still LOVE the Kindergarten Team I am so fortunate to work with and my new school too, but I have never felt so unprepared for the first day with students (which is today).  It will be great to have this week done, even getting through the first hour this morning will be great : )

And that is all for now folks, I am off to it .....
Happy Monday!


Annie said...

I know Ella and Zoe are going to have a wonderful year. They are very smart and love school. Love to read about their new adventures.

Jeremi, you are going to have a wonderful year, too. You are amazing. Can't wait to hear about your first day with students.

Have a great week.

Joe and Jane said...

Hi! I've been thinking of you today! I'm glad the girls are having a good time and are there for each other. Did I read right that they have naptime? Wow. My kiddos could use that at school.

I have to laugh about the "spitfires." If it's anything like our house, they will be an endless source of discussion! Have fun!

Taylor said...

So glad they had such a great start! It's wonderful that they are so confident and polite.

Mama Hen said...

They look so cute! That is wonderful that they always have one another. I hope you are doing well my friend! Have a great day!

Mama Hen

Mama Hen said...

I have to say that I loved your "mint" card your girls made. I changed it up and did an "orange" card. You are so creative and have fun ideas! Have a great day!

Mama Hen

Mama Hen said...

I hope all is well! I have thought about your teaching agin and hope that you and the girls are adjusting fine. I taught children from some very sad and difficult backgrounds and I know how hard it can be for them. The one thing that I found was most important was that I helped the students to feel safe and that we considered one another like family when we entered the school. That meanty we needed to respect one another, care about one another's feelings and help one another throughout the day. I know it can be sad, but you can be a huge positive role model in their lives by simply caring and letting them know that your classroom is a happy place to be. You are so creative and loving. I know your students will love going to school every day because of you. Have a great day my friend! Let me know if the girls would like to be pen pals with my daughter. I think that might be fun.

Mama Hen