Monday, August 12, 2013

rest in peace, buddy ~

the best fish ever.
for real -- and i am not a fish person.

we really connected with buddy and he was the perfect
first pet for the girls, for our family.

he was a stunning fish.

the girls would watch him swim and smile .....

..... and make faces so it looked like he would swim into
their mouths ....

they kept him close by when they played games ....

they talked to him ....

and they sang to him .....

a lot!!

they would use toilet paper rolls to make sure he could
really hear them .....

they kept his bowl decorated and introduced him to their
little animal friends .....

and at night they would leave the moby on in case he
didn't like the dark .....

his bowl was always smudged with fingerprints
from being moved around .....

it was also almost always decorated quite fancily too ....

buddy was a good sport at halloween and didn't seem
bothered he was a 'fish stick' .....

our whole family loved buddy.

he had his own christmas stocking (that i can't believe i
didn't get a photo of), and his bowl was decorated for each
holiday.  it was especially lovely during the month of 
february and valentine's day ......

to buddy,
thank you for being such a great fish for our family.
we still talk about you almost every day, and even though your
bowl was a bit of a pain to clean (despite having two helpers
that were always adament they would help with that part), i 
might miss you the most.  but only by a little bit because
zoe and ella simply adored you.
fish kisses and bowl hugs,

p.s  the girls want you to make sure grampa is okay too.

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