Wednesday, August 7, 2013

waterpark spring break ~

ella and zoe's spring break was a different week than mine
was, and the week they had theirs i also had conferences --
so extra busy on my end.  tom took their week off and did
some fun 'dad stuff' with the girls that included a lot of climbing
activities, biking and hiking in the woods -- and not taking
many pictures to document the adventures.

my week off i spent time in the girls' classroom volunteering, got
a few things done at our house and decided to take the girls out of
school for a few days and celebrate spring break girl style : )

so we packed up (new dolls from grama dianne also joined us) ......

and went to auntie jen's house first.  we LOVE her sweet
and patient dog, belle so much, and were so happy we
had some extra time with her .....

we also love auntie jen so much .....  she is FUN and always
ready for a a good time ; )

after meeting grama for lunch we headed to the
waterpark ......

where the girls tubed in the river .....

and went down this 3 story water slide 3 million times .....

auntie jen was such a good sport -- water slides
aren't her thing but she walked up those stairs and
slid down those slides more times than we could count,
just for her nieces ......  did i mention we love auntie jen?!

by the end of the day these two were waterlogged,
hotdog-ed out, and tired ......

our extra large room (wow) was the PERFECT place
to relax and watch some tv .....

and read ......

or talk on the phone to daddy and grama ......

breakfast the next morning before more swimming,
watersliding and .......

enjoying the hot tub (until we were told kids needed to be
at least 13 before they could sit in it -- REALLY??!) .....

waterpark adventure #1 lots of fun!!  definitely worth
playing hooky from school for : )

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Annie said...

Great experienced with fun, adventures and love. God bless them!!!