Monday, June 16, 2014

halloween 2013 ~

a pink power girl and pocahontas,
that's how ella and zoe did halloween 
last year.

they also designed ....

and drew .....

their pumpkin faces .....

and 'helped' their dad while he turned them into jack-o-lanterns.

they completely decided how to display our collection of
jack-o'lanterns and rocked their bone tights with
pink cowgirl boots.

this was the first halloween night that tom had to work,
so after requesting purple hair for pocahontas and pink
(of course) for the power girl, and agreeing to photos
for me .......

we said goodbye to this year's version of our scarecrow ....

and went trick-or-treating to a few houses in our neighborhood.

a favorite was seeing sweet arlene .....

and then making a trip to their TEACHER'S HOUSE,
because we couldn't pass up an invitation to trick-or-treat there!

halloween as a second grader was pretty fun.

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Annie said...

Beautiful costumes!!! God bless them!!