Tuesday, June 17, 2014

thanksgiving 2013

our annual visit from santa, at our annual week
before thanksgiving celebration in buffalo, was
a bit different this year.  our old santa retired
(sigh), but uncle luke stepped up, took on the
role, and did it quite well.  the kids thought it 
was fun and funny, he rocked the red suit and
the fake beard -- and it all worked out just fine.

he also kept the kids entertained while he read the story ....

he posed for lots of great photos ....

jack ~

kevin ~

brenna ~

zoe ~

lauren ~

ella ~

connor ~

elise ~

he also enjoyed his merlot ~

a lot ~

we sure do love uncle luke -- he is such a great guy.

he even thought it was funny in the photos of the

three of us (that one of the kids took) the top of
his head is cut off in both of them.

he's a very good brother.

he knows it's most important that his sisters
look good in the photos.   : )

and dad, he was missed so much.

but i know he would have loved watching luke
in action, hearing all the grandkids laughing,
and seeing everyone having a great time together.

he set the stage well for our family.

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Annie said...

New memories with a different Santa.