Sunday, August 10, 2014

ballet 2014

spring ballet recital 2014 ~
the Irish Dancers did very well.
upbeat and fun music, and i just LOVED their darling skirts ....

.... and their beautiful smiles (no teeth or big teeth continues
to be our smile motto) ......

zoe dianne ~

ella marie ~

love my ballerinas that are getting TALL!!!!

sweet ms. zachari continues to put on wonderful recitals....
and a huge highlight, the girls received their 5-year medals.
they've been doing this ballerina stuff since they were three : )

the recital was extra, extra special
having good friends kaelin .....

and anja in the audience watching the performances .....

as well as former first grade teacher, miss splett!!

dinner at ole' mexico with grama, auntie jen and daddy
is always a good (and silly) time : )

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Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

What cuteness! They did a great job. My Cort is taking ballet and tap.