Sunday, August 24, 2014


such a fun day and beautiful wedding.
the girls had an incredible time, looked adorable -- and elise just shined.

elise and kevin are a great couple.
they are good to each other and for each other -- we are so happy for them.
being part of their wedding weekend was a great kick-off to summer,
and a day full of happy memories.

i know my dad was with us too.
we felt his energy, his presence, many times --
and that makes me happy too.

the young girls all prettied up, and the boy looking handsome ~

elise was stunning ~

big cousin jack looking good ~

the wedding party ~

my mom and elise ~

my sister and elise ~

jen and jack ~

tom, me and jen ~

tom, me and the girls ~

mom and jack ~

family photo ~

love my girls ~

jen and jack walking down the aisle ~

kevin ~

ella and zoe ~

entering the reception ~

they had FUN!!

kevin and elise making their entrance ~

my uncle dick (mom's oldest brother)

and auntie lois with my mom ~

cake time ~

and dance time ~

very, very, very special.
very, very, very fun -- each moment.

happy married life, elise and kevin!!
we love you two : )

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Annie said...

Beautiful wedding!! God bless their marriage!!!