Friday, July 24, 2015

Thanksgiving 2014 and Christmas [posted in July]

Thanksgiving 2014 was spent with the Rupprechts on the actual day,
and the McLains the Saturday after -- Both gatherings were fun and the
days in between were filled with using what little snow we had to create
some backyard art :)  and because it was so cold these little buggers lasted
quite a while!!!

The week between school getting out for Christmas Break and 
Christmas itself was spent with me recovering from the actual FLU
(omgoodness my body hurt), being thankful no one else
in our family got sick, getting ready for our Christmas
Festivities and getting ready for our first out of the country
trip with the girls -- some challenges along with A LOT of fun!!
With help from Tom, Grama Dianne and Auntie Jen we made it to
Christmas, and were able to spend a nice day with my family in Buffalo
and then with some of Tom's siblings in the city, before packing our bags
and leaving for Mexico!!

But before we left, watching Santa's video message was still full of anticipation and fun :)

and unwrapping gifts brought a lot of smiles....
and excitement for our trip to a warmer climate!!

Next stop, MEXICO!!!!

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