Sunday, July 12, 2015

the start of grade three ~

Third Grade -- What a Year!!
Another 'we hit the jackpot with their teacher' Year -- 

Mrs. Barth could not have been a better fit for the girls.
She was so kind and nurturing, fun and funny, caring and motivating.
She got to know Zoe and Ella so well;  she knew when to praise and when to push,
when to encourage and when to explain more ....
She understood that sometimes the little things are big things, and that 8 and 9 year olds are STILL kids.

Ella and Zoe's lights are shining even brighter because they spent the past school year with with Mrs. Barth.  She's a mom at heart and an exemplar teacher (perfect combo) -- we feel so grateful and thankful!  Yay THIRD GRADE!!!

meet the teacher breakfast (august 2014)

first day of third grade (sept. 2014)

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Annie said...

Yay for a wonderful year. Oh Jeremi, they are precious and are growing too fast.

My girls third grade was difficult, very hard. Now I'm praying that they don't have the same teacher for fourth grade.