Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another Milestone

Ella and Zoe had their first swim class last night -- another first for them, and an exciting one. They have been *swimming* in our little backyard pools and neighborhood lake since the summer they were a year old, and have always enjoyed the water (though they're not fond of getting splashed or getting their faces wet), but they haven't had any official swim training yet and were more than ready : )

I had such fun watching them do things they havn't tried before, even when they were a little nervous or apprehensive, and watching them trust their teacher Alyssa. I was a proud mama that's for sure.

And since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are a couple of pictures to document their latest milestone met:


Mama Hen said...

Oh my goodness these pictures are super! That is such a great milestone! Great job girls! Have a great night!

Mama Hen

Grma. Dianne said...

It won't be long and they will be jumping off the dock at the cabin:) Keep working, little ones.

Annie said...

Awww, they look so cute. Is a big milestone for them and of course you are a proud mom.

PS: Finally, I'm checking your blog.

Mama Hen said...

I gave you an award! Come and get it!

Mama Hen