Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Bible School

Ella and Zoe were part of a fun, interactive and unique Summer Bible School experience last week called C²U – Creation, Creativity, and You! Each evening started off with a family-friendly dinner and then the children explored their creative side by painting, sculpting, and designing personalized works of art; they discovered creation stories from around the world (Native American, Eskimo, Nigerian and Guatemalan) while local artists paint them live; and they enjoyed fun games and lively global music!!

Each night there was a different theme that focused on the Creation Story (land, flowers and trees, animals and people); and the music, art, games and books all related to that theme.

*Ella painting her bottle on the first night*

*Zoe painting her bottle the first night*

*Learning new songs during Music Time*

*Ella's Monet inspired painting (the art for the FLOWERS theme)*

*Zoe's Monet inspired painting*

*Body Prayer and Meditation at the end of the evening*

*Listening to Pastor Brandon share the Creation Story and how WE are all creators too, with the artists working in the background*

*Listening to local artist Tina explain how to create
Ashanti Akuaba Dolls*

*Ella and Zoe's Akuaba Dolls
(art that tied in with the PEOPLE theme)*

*Listening to a story and watching the story spoken in sign language*
The little guy in the white with his name tag on the back of his shirt is deaf so his dad signed the stories, which was an additional, really neat part of the experience.

*Doing an experiment to SEE the energy in our bodies*

*Ending an evening with Yoga to calm and center their energy*

*Body Prayer with Ms. Nora*

Sunday morning the C2U kids sang a New Guinean Traditional song called 'Roll Over the Ocean' at the church service -- it was really lovely, quite touching and a fun way to end their week. (I have no idea how to get rid of this underlining and it's driving me nuts.).

Zoe and Ella in front of the group tree all the kids made, using the bottles they painted the first night -- lots of glitter and sparkles, a total hit!!


Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

VBS is the best! I have so many wonderful memories of VBS

Annie said...

What a great experience they have. Like all the things they do. Something they are not going to forget never.

Heather said...

Looks like fun. Seems like they enjoyed it more than Charlotte, who is still going through such a clinging to mommy phase.

I love their paintings! Very talented. Are you going to frame them?

Anonymous said...

The VBS your kids went to is not a "normal" VBS right? Instead of Bible stories, they teach creation stories from all over the world?

Mama Hen said...

I love this! Those paintings need to be matted and framed! They are beautiful! This experience is so great for your children. You really captured it in your photos! have a great night!

Mama Hen

Taylor said...

What a great experince for them, looks like they had so much fun!