Monday, December 6, 2010

Ella and Zoe'isms

This post is long overdue -- and a long one at that. I'm so glad I write down the odd, funny, sweet, silly and sometimes weird stuff Zoe and Ella come up with, I'd never remember things if I didn't ......

'Mom, Zoe is not letting my idea be right.' (Ella)
'But mom, Ella's idea is NOT right.' (Zoe)

'Why is the man with white hair so round?' (Zoe), after seeing a very, very large man at the store.

Ella saw a photo of a swaddled newborn with just his sweet little face peaking out and said, 'Ohhhhhhhhh, he's so cute. And he doesn't have any arms yet.'.

Zoe smelled her feet and said 'Oh stinky toes!! It even hurts my nose when I smell them!'.

Ella: 'I really like Dolly Partner (Parton). Her voice is pretty.'.
Zoe: 'Meatloaf is my favorite singer. He looks strong and silly.'.

Ella asked me on my birthday 'Are you so excited that you just jumped out of bed this morning?'

Zoe's nice way of asking me not to sing in the car along with the Laurie Berkner CD; 'Let's just pretend you don't know how to sing mom.'.

On the first day of preschool the girls received a special treat bag from their teachers. Ella's response: 'I'm so excited I just got a little tear in my eye.'.

The first item Ella pulled out of her treat bag was a cotton ball (that represented kind words and warm feelings), and Ella happily said 'I got some fluff!!'.

'What do you call a bee that has an owie? A boo-bee.'. (joke made up by Zoe).

'Hey mom, the Rupprecht family is what we're in.', (Ella, after seeing 'The Rupprecht Family' on some mail).

'My tummy still feels up when my body is down.'. (Zoe, after riding the Frog Hopper at Como Town).

Ella: 'I think my bones are green.'.
Me: 'Why?'.
Ella: 'From all those frog cupcakes I ate for my birthday.'.

Driving home from Summer Bible School:
'Where were we when we weren't in this world?'. (Ella)
Ella's response when I asked her where she thought she and Zoe were: 'I think we were in heaven waiting for each other and then we held hands, jumped off a cloud and landed in your tummy.'.

Later Zoe asked me 'how did we grow in your tummy?'.
My response: 'A lot of LOVE'. (I am not quite ready to fully answer that one)

Ella and Zoe were playing house and told me I was the Grama, and then asked if I would babysit.

During sports class the girls learned to 'go' on the count of three. Afterwards Zoe version was: 'Everyone, on the count of NINE'.

Out of the blue Ella started laughing and said, 'I just thought of a dog going to the bathroom.', then laughed some more.

While driving home from Grampa and Grama's house neither girl wanted to leave and Ella started to cry. Zoe said 'I'm getting sadder and sadder the more we drive.'.

Ella was asked what her mom does for a job and she said 'hugs us'.
Zoe was asked what her dad does for a job and she said 'he works'. When asked where he works she said, 'he works at work.'.

There was a commercial on tv for either Hardees or Arby's about 'The World's Greatest Dad' buying dinner for his kids and Ella said, 'Hey WE have the world's greatest dad too!'.

'Mom, Zoe just made a mad face at me, now I am going to make one at her.' -- then lots of laughing from both girls.

The first time the girls and I watched Dancing with the Stars both of them were fascinated with the women's costumes and Zoe said, 'She's showing her stuff!'.

Zoe saw an older lady with a lot of fluffy, white hair and said, 'She has cotton hair.'.

Overheard while in the car: 'The white whiskers on my legs are growing longer.'. (ella)
'It's not whiskers Ella, it's hair.'. (Zoe)

'You know why I have a different voice? I have a stuffy nose.'. (Zoe)

After a visit from Grama Dianne the girls were feeling a little blue and missing her -- then Ella got excited and said, 'Mama, inside this drawer it smells like Grama.' (her perfume was on the pajamas they wore when she cuddled them the night before).

'But I did not push, I was just stretching my elbow and Ella was in my way.'. (Zoe)

Ella: 'I think the boys in swim class are older than us -- I checked and their feet are bigger.'.

'I am just an eye open sleeper mom, I used to be eye an eye closed sleeper.'. (Zoe, when told she needed to close her eyes and go to sleep).

'Dad's just wearing his circus pants again.' (Ella, when Tom came out with his pajama bottoms on).

'You have a pretty voice mama.'. (Zoe, after I got done telling both her and Ella I was getting frustrated with them).

Ella wanted more homemade bread, I told her she needed to eat a lot more of her vegetable soup first. Her response: 'But I ate a lot of a little of my soup.'.

Zoe told me 'This soup is like a garden if we had a garden.' (about that same vegetable soup).

Out of the blue: 'Mom, are we old enough to go fishing?'. (Ella)

Zoe was laying on Tom's lap as he was telling her a story and she got a huge smile on her face. He was having a great 'Dad Moment' and felt like they were really connecting. When he asked why she smiled she said, 'I was just itching myself.'.

Ella: 'I don't really like this stuff that's in my mouth.' (while eating a dinner I made that didn't turn out great).
Zoe: 'Am I done, mom? I think I am.' (about that same dinner).

I was taking a bath and the girls were keeping me company. Then Ella said: 'I think my boobs will grow and grow and get bigger and bigger until they just flop right down.'.

Later that night Zoe told me: 'You have nice legs.'.

'My nose does not like what it smells. I think the icky smell is our dinner.'. (Ella, talking about yet another dinner I made)
'It tastes better than I thought it would taste.'. (Zoe, about that same dinner)

I asked Ella why she is special and she said 'I love to give hugs.'.
I asked Zoe why she is special and she said 'I pick my nose.'.

Ella's response to the first time eating fruit loops: 'These are really, really good cheerios!'.

'I am Zoe Dianne McLain Rupprecht Heart. Ella is Ella Marie McLain Rupprecht Heart. Mommy is Jeremi Lynn McLain Rupprecht Swirl and Daddy is a Square.'. (Zoe)

We were at Perkins for dinner before Halloween and the girls were wearing their Snow White costumes. A little boy at the table next to us kept looking over and smiling at Ella, she said, 'I think he likes my skirt.', and smiled right back.

Zoe named her new little plastic chick 'Pecker' -- whenever she talks about him she uses his name and tells him how cute and little and fun and sweet he is ......

After Trunk or Treating at preschool, 'Hey mom, look at the chocolate a man gave me.'. (Ella)

While trying to decide on what color to choose for new drapes Ella told us she thought we should find some with 'circles, swirls and rainbows'. I told her I was thinking of something with more earthy colors and Zoe reminded me that 'rainbows are part of the Earth'.

'Penis is a funny word.'. (Ella)

'Mom, Zoe made a mad face at me.'. (Ella)
'No Ella, that is just my face.'. (Zoe)

'Mom, remember when we had our birthday and we ate green cupcakes and our poop was green?'. (Ella -- still talking about her birthday cupcakes 6 months later)

'I don't think we should have a black car anymore, I would like a pink car, or a rainbow car with swirls on it.' (Zoe)

Zoe told me after working on making the 'th' sound in speech class: 'It's okay if i use a lot of tongue at first.'.

Ella: 'Mama -- frosting is always good.'.

Zoe: 'I just love my zucchini.' (when she meant to say 'bikini').

'I have a tear of joy in my eye because I am so happy.' (Ella)
'Mama, I love you so much I can feel it in my heart.'. (Zoe)

On the way out the door for preschool one morning Ella stopped suddenly and said, 'Wait, I don't have my underwear on.'.


Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

How funny! I love them all! Your girls are precious

Annie said...

Haha, their so funny.

They are in a wonderful age.

PS: The girls received their letter yesterday and are so happy. They repeat all day, that Ella and Zoe are their friends. Adorable!!

Catherine Anne said...

How sweet! This post has my heart. Beautiful post

Sadia said...

These are all so wonderful. And that PHOTO!

I'm still so sad that hospital policy prevented us from taking photos of our girls together the first weeks.

Heather said...

Oh, I read this on my phone the other day and couldn't stop laughing while at Charlotte's dance class.

I love the Meatloaf one and the pick the nose one. They are too funny.

Best post ever!