Friday, February 4, 2011

Children's Theatre

 Last Sunday we headed to the Children's Theatre in Minneapolis and saw the play 'Babe'.  The reviews made us eager to see the performance and we were not disappointed -- what a FUN  and ENTERTAINING afternoon!!

One of the best parts of going to the play was watching the girls bring home what they just saw.  Zoe was really into it and the minute her jacket was off she got busy gathering her animals and different props to put on her own re-enactment.  She was the director and the star (of course), and Ella reluctantly participated (she was more eager to eat her pad thai and egg rolls) --- and it was pretty amazing to see each part played out in front of us, for the second time that day : )

When Zoe lost her 'cast' (aka Ella), she just improvised .....

.... and it all worked out just fine!!

THANK YOU  Mom and Dad!
Your surprise gifts are ALWAYS  a special treat and so much appreciated : )


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Taylor said...

How cute is that?!