Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Fun

Valentine's Day 2011 was a fun one but it started out with conflict.

The girls each wanted to wear their 'I Love Daddy' shirt and we only have one.  I pretended to cry, which got the girls laughing instead of arguing, and then Ella said she'd wear the mommy one instead.  I thought they looked pretty cute and they were both excited for a full day of Valentines Fun.

After eating heart-shaped french toast for breakfast (and NOT having the smoke detector go off), we headed off to preschool and I stayed for the morning -- which flew by -- as a parent volunteer.  The girls and their classmates passed out their valentines, played heart-shaped tic-tac-toe, had their faces painted, made Love Bead necklaces, built a city with huge blocks, took care of my broken arm in the doctor's office dramatic play area, gave me more shots than I needed, learned about cupid and played like there's no tomorrow.  What a life : )

Once home it took less than 3 minutes for Zoe and Ella to start opening their Valentines.  They really loved that part and it was sweet listening to their comments about each card and treat they received from each of their friends -- and it was funny watching them both make sure they both received the same items.

After heart-shaped sandwiches for lunch the girls actually slept during nap time, then we took a walk around our neighborhood and passed out valentines and heart-shaped rice krispy treats to a few of our special neighbors.

For dinner the girls helped make heart-shaped pizzas .....

.... and typical of Zoe, she ate all of her carrots before taking even one bite of her pizza.

And these are the three that make my world a very happy place --- whether it's Valentine's Day or not.
Love. Love. Love.


Missy said...

I love their shirts!!! So cute!
I can imagine that my two girls would fight over the Daddy shirt too.
Love your fun, festive fotos of Valentine's!

Annie said...

Just a fun and amazing Valentine's day. They look adorable.

Grama Dianne said...

the picture is full of LOVE, for sure.