Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kindergarten Registration

Ella and Zoe had Kindergarten registration earlier this week.  They were SO excited.  Tom and I are excited too, we just can't believe we're at this point.

Overall registration was a fun, good evening but it was overwhelming too.  There were SO many people there (more than the school expected), and it was kind of chaotic at times.  Zoe started to silently sob and cling to me when the kids were supposed to go with their group, which was really hard.  I was hoping the girls would participate in the 'kid parts' without Tom or me, but my main hope for the evening was that it would be fun and a positive experience, so I stayed with them for the first part.  By the time their group did parachute play Zoe started to relax more and have fun, and I was able to join Tom and the other parents --- and by the end of the night she was a lot more comfortable (I think it helped to see a few other kids crying too, and one little sweetie named Hazel sat by Zoe and asked if she wanted to be her friend).  I just love how sweet and caring little kids can be : )

 Ella loved it all but got mixed in with a different group at one point and couldn't find Zoe, so she started crying also.  Once they were reunited she was fine, and during the drive home they both talked and talked about how great it all was, so that was reassuring.

Tom and I are really happy with our decision to send the girls to Falcon Heights -- everyone we met (staff and families) were so friendly, nice and helpful.  When I think about all of the exciting learning, activities and experiences the girls are in for I can't help but get super excited for them, but I won't go into how I'm feeling about being away from them all day every day, and how long the day will be ......  I have a lot of emotions as a mom, but as a teacher I know once they get in the routine they will love it all.

 I'm especially glad that some of our good friends will be at Falcon Heights too -- Holly and Lexi will be in first grade, and a few preschool pals (Bella, Lucy, Nathan, Daniel and Maddie) will be in Kindergarten as well.  It just doesn't seem like we should be at this point yet, they still seem so young to me.  

I mean really, it feels like just yesterday we were getting ready for their first day of ECFE:


Grama Dianne said...

They will love kdgt. and their teacher will love them, too:)

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Mama Hen said...

We are doing registration this moth also and I can't believe that my little girl is already going. Time has a way of going by so fast. It is always so nice to see all the wonderful things you do with your girls. I hope you are doing great my friend! The pictures are so cute! Have a great night!

Mama Hen