Thursday, March 3, 2011

Vacation Week

Last week Tom was on vacation.  We didn't go someplace warm but we did keep busy with our regular daily activities and some extra fun stuff too.

The girls brought their dad to 'Men's Night' at preschool where they did a lot of building:

They went to ballet class and practiced for their recital:

They went sliding with Grama .....

.... and their dorky dad : )

They rode in the BACK of the pick-up truck and thought they were hot stuff (even though they never left the driveway):

They put on lots of make-up while playing dress-up with Grama:

They got silly once they were all made up:

They even played dress-up with Auntie Jen's dog, Belle:

They climbed, hung upside down, went sliding and played like monkeys while at the Eagle's Nest:

I did too : )

They had fun with their cousin Elise (they can't get enough of her), when she came back from their family's trip to Mexico ....

.... and they ended the week celebrating their sweet pal Bella's 5th Birthday at her super fun birthday party:

It was a fun week, but the best part for the girls was doing all these activities with their dad (the best part for me was going out to eat EVERY night).  We're now recuperating from colds, and Zoe has an ear infection too, so this week has been spent mostly cuddling on the sofa, reading books, watching videos and lots and lots of coloring and art projects.

I love my super silly girls so much:


Joe and Jane said...

What fun! I still remember riding in the back of a pick-up (possibly because we didn't just stay in the driveway).

Glad you had a good family-filled week!

Annie said...

You had a wonderful week with lots of activities.

My favorite part was eating out every night.

Taylor said...

Sounds and looks like a wonderful vacation week to me!

CityHouseStudio said...

I LOVE the thought of eating out EVERY night! How fun!

Mary said...

Life with twin girls is so fun, isn't it?!

Grama Dianne said...

NOTHING MORE FUN WHEN YOU ARE THAT AGE TO CELEBRATE A BIRTHDAY....and soon it will be their birthday. Sounds like a good vacation week with father Tom:)