Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sally's Birthday Party

Last week was the week of the sickies at our house.  Some days both girls were sick, some days only Zoe was, and some days only Ella.  We also had a few 'firsts' too -- Ella went to preschool by herself one morning, while Zoe went to the doctor -- and Zoe stayed at school by herself when Ella came home early with a fever.  Each girl also missed something big because they were sick -- Zoe missed Teddy Bear Day at preschool and Ella missed their friend Sally's 5th Birthday party.  It was a 'Live and Learn' kind of a week ....

Here is Zoe at Sally's Super Fun Gymnastics Birthday Party (in the black leotard with leggings):

Here is Ella, while Zoe was at Sally's party -- poor thing:

And this was Ella after Zoe came home, still feeling punky but so happy to get a balloon and goody bag treats.


Annie said...

What a week you had.

Hope both girls are well.

Taylor said...

Aww, poor girls! I hope they are feeling better now. Glad one of them had fun on the day the other was sick though.