Saturday, September 8, 2012

First Day of First Grade ....

..... went great!!  And despite the girls having different
colored shirts and outfits to wear, they both chose the
same thing ....  which makes it easier for me
(and I still think it's awfully cute).

Ella Marie ~ First Grader Extraordinaire!!

Zoe Dianne ~ First Grader Extraordinaire!!

Walking into school ....

Holding Dad's hand too .....

Seeing Miss Splett .....

..... and loving her warm smile : )

Getting settled and reading books while
waiting for their day to start .....

First Grade Cupcakes:

The first full week went really well too -- they are both
really comfortable with being at school for a full-day, they
both know so many other kids already and have just settled
into the school year routine so well.

The week started our really great and ended really great too --
Zoe lost her FIRST tooth on Friday (while at school).  She
is so, so, SO excited and Ella has been a very supportive sister
as well, very patiently waiting for her first tooth to even get
wiggly .....  Like Tom told the girls, each tooth that is lost has
it's own story, and Zoe definitely has a good first tooth story I'll
share later .....

Now time to get my lesson plans ready for my first day with
Kindergarteners on Monday .......


Annie said...

Love their happy face. And they looks so cute. I'm so glad they enjoyed their first week of school.


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I lost my first tooth in first grade reading group. I didn't even tell anyone - I was so shy!

They look adorable in their outfits!

Joe and Jane said...

Glad it went well! Love that each tooth has its own story too!

How are things going for you this year?

Mama Hen said...

I hope you are doing well my friend! Your girls look so cute heading to first grade! Time really does fly! Enjoy the day!

Mama Hen