Monday, September 3, 2012


Back in July (I wonder if I'll ever get caught up on my blog again ....)
the girls had two friends from Kindergarten over for a playdate.
We were going to make CAKEPOPS but when too much frosting
made them really, really gooey and sticky we improvised and
called them CAKEBLOBS.  They were super fun to make and
SO yummy -- they might have even been better that way!!

These girls were constantly on the go, some inside play
but mostly outside.  The pool and trampoline seemed to
be the two favorite spots, and pool shots were really hard
to get, so I mainly have pics of jumping on the trampoline ......

The only time they really stopped moving was when
they did this .....

..... and when they were actually sitting, they were still talking
non-stop, many times all four at the same time : )

BEST part of the afternoon was when Mrs. Olson -- Kindergarten
Teacher Extraordinaire -- stopped by to surprise the girls.  It was like
an angel entered our backyard when she came around the corner.  The
girls were in awe and the way the sun was shining it truly looked like
she was glowing!! : )  It was so sweet.  Each time I looked at Zoe or Ella
they had these big-eyed, WOW, kind of in shock smiles on their faces.
The power of a teacher -- it's so awesome!!

And Mrs. Olson, not only did she take the time to come over
to our house and make an appearance, she also JUMPED
in the TRAMPOLINE with the girls and played with them!!!!!  

She also stayed for a glass of wine (with me) and for a very impromptu
dinner (leftover chinese and hotdogs!).  The girls gave her a
tour of our house that even included CLOSETS (oh my) -- and
they could not stop smiling.

I know we're going to really love Ms. Splett and that she
will probably become 'First Grade Teacher Extraordinaire',
but she does have some very big shoes to fill .....  Mrs. Olson
set the bar very high .......

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