Thursday, September 6, 2012

Meet the Teacher ~

The new school year has started and it's been busy,
busy, busy --- and fun, fun, fun!!

Last week the girls' school had their annual 'Meet the
Teacher' event and 'Back-To-School Parade', and they
were THRILLED to find out their teacher is Miss Splett
(the same teacher their friends/almost like big sisters or
cousins holly and lexi had last year).

I really don't know who was more excited, the girls .....

..... or their dad!! : )

We all had a great time.  We saw their classroom, saw some
old friends, met a few new friends, and had a little time to talk
with Miss Splett (and admire her hot-pink sparkly high top
tennis shoes).  Of course I forgot to get a pic of the girls with
their new teacher but her tennis shoes really did sparkle, almost
as much as her warm and welcoming smile : ) 

The parade around the neighborhood was a blast.  Zoe and
Ella rode their TWO-WHEEL bikes around like pros and I think
Tom made a lot of other dads wish they had brought their scooters,

I had to jog to keep up (not my favorite activity), but it was
fun see how much fun the girls were having : )

At one point Ella biked quite a bit ahead of us.  Tom caught
up to her and we had to laugh, she was biking alongside her
principal : )

After the parade and a few more photos of our First Graders .....

.....  including old pal sweet Bella ......

...... and the oldest First Grader in the class ......

Bella wanted a picture of herself with Tom, which
I thought was so funny and so sweet.

We then celebrated by having dinner with Bella and
her family at Snuffy's ......  a perfect way to end a really
perfect way to start out a new school year : )

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Annie said...

So glad it was a wonderful time with lots of fun. Can't wait to see pictures of their first day.