Monday, July 1, 2013

family photos and thanksgiving ~

family photo fun .....

thanksgiving fun included elise and kevin asking zoe ....

...... and ella (and cousin lauren too) .....

to be flower girls in their wedding next summer.
elise made super cute and super sweet keepsakes
for the girls and all three are very, very
excited!!  older cousin brenna will be the jr. attendant
and connor and jack will be in the wedding as well --
so special elise and kevin want to include their younger
cousins in their big day too : ) 

thanksgiving fun also included santa fun .....

love this tradition so much.

really missed having dad be part of the fun.
first thanksgiving without him -- 
he is SO missed.


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Long time no see! You got some really great family pictures!

Annie said...

Hi dear!!! Love to see pictures of you and your precious family.

So excited for Ella and Zoe to be part of their cousin wedding.