Sunday, July 21, 2013

grandma della ~

this is the farm where tom grew up .....

.... and where we spent time with tom's mom last fall,
after finding out she was sick with cancer .....

when she moved into town we also spent some special time
with her there .....

we are so glad we had that time.  she got really sick really
fast -- and even though she was in a lot of pain she smiled
and wanted to hear the girls read or tell her stories about
their school and ballet class.

on november 29th, 2012 at the age of 78, grandma della
died at her new home, with some family and hospice care
workers by her side.

her funeral was on a beautiful early december day.

We are very glad della is not in pain anymore,
and it gives us comfort to know she is in a good place.
but we are also sad and miss her a lot.

~ What the Caterpillar calls the End of Life,
The Master calls a Butterfly ~
r.bach (Illusions)

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